The Boxscore Geeks Show #274: More Rockets and Free Throws

We're back! Or rather, we were back last week and Dre was slow getting this uploaded. We talked about analytics and the Rockets. Same old same old! Tune in!

A Recipe for Fixing the NBA Draft Lottery

As long as the NBA draft lottery has existed, the NBA has had a problem with teams intentionally trying to manipulate the outcome often at the expense of playing worse. Bad basketball is bad for everyone, so we'd like to propose a solution.

Advancing NBA Analytics by Looking Back

The MIT Sloan Analytics conference is coming up this week, so we decide to throwback to one of our favorite analytics study that we still feel hasn't gotten the attention it deserves.

The Boxscore Geeks Show #273: Can Ben Simmons Redeem the Golden State Warriors?

We talk the NBA All-Star Game and the state of the Warriors and 76ers.

The Boxscore Geeks Show #272: Starring Bob Myers as Dr. Strange in the Galaxy Brain Warriors

We talk the plethora of questionable trade deadline moves in the NBA.