The Boxscore Geeks Show: Remarkable Guests and Ben Simmons

  • Special Guest Ben Guest(@bguest)
  • Andres Alvarez (@nerdnumbers)


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Show Links

Make your you follow for Ben's fantastic series on mindful coaching with guests Greg Graber, Greg Sullivan, Chris Sullivan, and Coach Nick of BBall Breakdown.

Here's a good list of Ben's podcast appearances. Ben will need to update it with this show now!

As noted, the last Boxscore Geeks' show, sorry, no show notes, just make sure to subscribe if you missed it, was tailor-made for Ben. So we spend a lot of time talking about it. Link here if you need it.

ESPN 30 for 30's Broke is a favorite related to finances and athletes.

Ben is a fan of improv. Mike Birbiglia has a great episode of his podcast with Keegan-Micahel Key about just that.

We talk more about Rick Carlisle and have three good comments on it.

Ben brings up Neal Brennan's take on fairness - "You cut, I choose."

I note the fantastic movie Ricky Bobby and why "Winner Take All" is silly. Great clip here.

Finally, I bring up "Hardball," a movie which has to have aged terribly, but it sums up my take on participation trophies.