So this is new?

Hi, and welcome to the all new slightly reworked, all different and hopefully cleaner look of the Boxscore Geeks website!

As with most re-designs, some of you will like it, and some will hate it. I'd like to hear from you either way. Here are some of the things I tried to address (some of this may be geekier than the non-web-developers among you care to know about):

The 2018 Boxscore Geeks Portfolio: 4 games

The 2018 Boxscore Geeks Portfolio's regular season ends today (there are 3 bets that will be decided during the post season). This year has an unusual amount of activity coming down to the final game, and an even more unusual variance, thanks to the huge Jazz - Blazers game tonight.

The Boxscore Geeks Portfolio: Freerollin'

An amazing thing happened to the portfolio on Monday night: The Denver Nuggets won their 46th game, which won the portfolio another $381.82 thanks to the $200 over bet on the Nuggets.

Boxscore Geeks 2018 Portfolio: 2 more games

As I promised on Friday, here's a little recap of what happened over the weekend relevant to the portfolio:

Toronto clinched the Atlantic division. This bet paid 3.75:1, which means that this added another $475 to the portfolio payout.

Boxscore Geeks 2018 Portfolio: 1 week left!

The season is really winding down now; most teams have three or four games left. Since there are a few bets left undecided, there are a few key matchups every day (it's amazing how year-long bets always seem to come down to a few games at the end of the season), so I'll try to post about them in the coming week.

To recap, here are all the bets (except the rookie-of-the-year props):