The Boxscore Geek Show: Blitzscaling the Lakers with Chris Yeh

Chris Yeh returns to talk the Los Angeles Lakers and his new book "Blitzscaling" (co-written with Reid Hoffman)

Jimmy Butler and a ton of Minnesota Timberwolves thoughts

Alright, so this is the offseason that keeps on giving. On the off chance things get even wilder, let's set the stage. Jimmy Butler is unhappy in Minnesota and has demanded a trade, with some unique destinations. The Timberwolves have signed Karl-Anthony Towns to a supermax deal, which may hint that they will comply Jimmy Butler's demands. And, of course, this has lead to speculation that coach Tom Thibodeau might be on the hot seat. I have so many thoughts on this, so let's just run them down in list format.

Your 2018 WNBA Champions, the Seattle Storm

The Seattle Storm are once again the WNBA Champions. I've got a lot more to say on this subject, but I'm on a plane right now, so I'll just leave this beautiful GIF here.

The Boxscore Geeks Show: Gravity Pulls Down Our Over/Under

It's the offseason but the Boxscore Geeks show is back! We talk Reddit threads on three-point shooting and over/under totals for every single NBA team. Tune in!

Will the Warriors Underwhelm next season?

I intend to join an honored tradition in the Wages of Wins Group. I'm going to make a bold prediction about the Warriors that can look very silly. Jeremy Britton is a legend for both thinking the Warriors could be a contender (before they were) and then thinking they looked pedestrian, the very season before they took off. Brian Foster said the current Warriors core was unlikely to win another title when Curry was injured and Raptors, Rockets, and Celtics were taking off. Whoops. So here goes. I think the Warriors might be on the decline and people might be too high on them next season."