The Boxscore Geeks Show #277: Chris Yeh and the Lakers' Last Dance

Chris Yeh returns to the show to do a quick podcast discussing the Lakers and Bulls of the 80s and 90s, podcasting, and Mental Samurai.

The Boxscore Geeks Show #275: Why the Warriors Should have Won in 2016

We're back to talk a historical bummer (the Warriors 2016 Finals collapse) and a current bummer (the 2020 NBA season postponement)

How the Warriors Should Spend their Money

The NBA is shut down and there's a lot to process about that. But one owner is on my radar, and I hope he can make the right call on how to treat his workers.

The Boxscore Geeks Show #274: More Rockets and Free Throws

We're back! Or rather, we were back last week and Dre was slow getting this uploaded. We talked about analytics and the Rockets. Same old same old! Tune in!

A Recipe for Fixing the NBA Draft Lottery

As long as the NBA draft lottery has existed, the NBA has had a problem with teams intentionally trying to manipulate the outcome often at the expense of playing worse. Bad basketball is bad for everyone, so we'd like to propose a solution.