The Top Five Boxscores of the Week: 11/5 - 11/11

Another week, another set of boxscores. Some 20-20 regulars make the list, and an old favorite plays terribly. Check it out!

The Boxscore Geeks Show: The 76ers and Lakers and Not Playing Inexperienced Players

Should the Lakers and 76ers worry? Should the Nuggets and the Bucks start measuring for banners? And is Steph Curry separating himself from the pack? Tune in to hear what we think!

The Boxscores of the Week: 10/29 to 11/4

Another week, another set of impressive boxscores! We have historic games, productive games, and some games with a lot of turnovers. Check it out!

The Washington Post's Interesting Story on the WNBA

With apologies, there will be no weekly wrapup this week. Instead, I spent the morning doing some reading and research on a different story. Expect us to have a lot to say on the matter next week. For now, I'll just include the link.

The Boxscores of the Week: 10/22 to 10/28

Another week and another set of boxscores. A three-point Warrior and a defensive juggernaut lead our top boxscores. Some three-point specialists that can't hit the broadside of the barn lead our bottom boxscores. Check it out!