The Baffling James Harden Trade

We go over the James Harden trade and what we think. Spoilers: Cleveland is a winner and what is everyone else thinking?

We're Back! And Anthony Edwards is bad!

A quick update on the site, and some random thoughts.

The Boxscore Geeks Show #282: WCF Lakers vs. Nuggets 3

We talk the second round of the playoffs with returning guest Chris Yeh!

Analytics Pickup #2: Biggest What-Ifs in NBA History

We return to play another round of analytics pickup! Based on today's topic: "Biggest What-Ifs in NBA History", Greg and Dre propose different things that almost happened in NBA history that could have changed the face of the NBA landscape.

The Truth About Tracy McGrady

Dre gives you his most recent article in two formats, audio and written! We look at 33 seconds of Tracy McGrady's career and how they perfectly encapsulate his career and the mainstream perception of him.