The Boxscore Geeks Show: the Worst Preseason Bet

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The Playoffs, the MVPs, preseason bets, and a ton of tangents! Join Dre, Patrick, and Brian on another #BSGShow.



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Show Notes

I may put more comprehensive show notes in later. Of course, in the show itself, I say I won't, so we'll have to see!

We talk the playoffs, what being an MVP means, and Patrick's preseason bets. There are lots of tangents in between though. So it's definitely worth a watch or listen.

Shout Outs

John Floyd (@baddynoshoes) gets a shout out for his hilarious and financial sound advice to Patrick's recent portfolio update.

I was at the South Beach Comedy Festival and was lucky enough to see Hannibal Buress (@hannibalburess) and Dave Chappelle (@DaveChappelle), who were amazing and both get a shout out. Dave was introduced by Bomani Jones (@bomani_jones), who also earns a shout out.

Patrick shouts out Kawhi Leonard for his amazing performance lately. He may very well help Patrick end the year in the black and with a steak dinner to boot!

Brian shouts out a black flamingo, for being like a black swan, I guess.