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The Boxscore Geeks Show: The Most Improved and Valuable Rudy Gay

The Boxscore Geeks show returns! For those that want this in audio form, we've got you covered: We're also in the iTunes store now too. Sadly Patrick couldn't join us, but we found an unacceptable stand-in. Enjoy!

The Rudy Gay Trade

We were less than impressed with this trade. You can check the stats and make your own decision. Arturo says we don't dislike Rudy Gay, he just represents everything wrong with the NBA playing style. There's a chance Cousins and Gay's terrible style somehow cancel each other out ... or not. With that, Arturo has a great nickname for the Kings' offense: "Shot in the dark"

The Most Improved

Patrick broke down the most improved players so far this season. We definitely wanted to discuss Beasley, who has been terrible until now! Arturo is also happy Jordan Crawford is playing well for the Celtics. Are any of these players for real? Have they finally found the right system to stay good? We'll have to wait and see.

Most Valuable Player

LeBron James just may be the best ever. It's hard to find much to disagree on. There are still circumstances where he could miss the MVP. We punt around a few other names, but it looks like the MVP will come from the east this season.

Summing Up

That's our show! Thanks as always to our producer Brian Foster (@boxscorebrian) If you have anything you'd like to hear us talk about, hit up the comments or tweet us (@arturogalletti, @nbageek, @nerdnumbers) We also want to try and keep the podcast around the same length every week. We've been batting it around but decided to ask you. What do you loyal listeners prefer: 30 or 45 minutes? Thanks!