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Show Notes

There are as many players picked outside of the draft lottery in the NBA's elite right now as there are players from top picks.

We talk how the times the "tank for top draft pick" model has "worked" both imploded! Our notes on the Thunder, and great ESPN's 30 for 30 "This Magic Moment" on Shaq and Penny in Orlando.

We argue who will win MVP - Harden or Westbrook? We've talked this a bit earlier in the season, and the race has gotten closer.

Speaking of which, we discuss how historical Westbrook's MVP season is!

The Rockets have averaged over 50 three-point attempts in their recent games! Daryl Morey said: "Morey: "We figured our best chance to beat Golden State was to send them a barrage of three-pointers."

The latest twist in Mike D'Antoni's offense: taking the pick out of pick-and-roll.

Worth noting, years ago Arturo wrote a paper noting that teams weren't taking enough threes!

A player that benefitted from both the Rockets and Lakers is Lou Williams. Speaking of the Lakers, will this year's top-two pick be the answer for them. Based on the current prospect ratings Markelle Fultz and Lonzo Ball are slated to go one and two. Chris Yeh asked me about these two players. As it turns out, we like Lonzo Ball over Markelle Fultz. However, points dominate perception! We'll see what happens.

A few more things we discuss. The Sloan Analytics Conference is going on this weekend. We'll likely review the NBA research papers at some point. In the past we've been less than thrilled.

We discuss some of the issues people have with the position adjustment in the Wins Produced formula. It's pretty lengthy, so tune in if you want to check it out!

We talk about Embiid and Durant and how people seem to forget that injuries are the norm in the NBA!