The Boxscore Geeks Show: Nikola Mirotic and how the Bucks won the NBA Trade Deadline

We're back to talk the frantic NBA trade deadline that changed our pick for the NBA champion, maybe.



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Some links that might matter

Karl-Anthony Town is a real midwesterner, he ate ice cream outside in -20 degree weather!

We miss the Courtside Analyst, an elegant blog from a more civilized age.

We use the CBS Sports rundown of the 10 most important trades. It's pretty inclusive. Of course, the major ones we talk are Nikola Mirotic, Tobias Harris, and Marc Gasol.

The Tobias Harris trade was big enough we actually wrote a post on it -- and is part of why there were no show notes last week!

Part of why the Bucks did so well is that the jettisoned Thon Maker, who we've noted has not been great in his career.

We're huge fans of the Agony of Defeat podcast. Their episode on Mariano Rivera and Hall of Fame was fantastic. In part, they explained the Baseball Hall of Fame's reason for making Rivera the first unanimous inductee. Votes are now transparent, so people can see what you voted on, and no one wanted to be known as the person that didn't vote for Rivera. I've heard a similar explanation of why Steph Curry was the NBA's first unanimous MVP. This harkens back to a classic point we make - often, the hard part isn't the numbers, it's dealing with social pressure.