The Worst Anchors in the NBA Right Now

The NBA is a star-driven league. It's hard to luck into a star, but once you have one, all you have to do is make sure the rest of your roster "doesn't suck," and you're good to go. So today I look at three players that make otherwise good teams with star players look bad. And all three definitely should make fans of those teams sad.

#3 Thon Maker

The good news of the bronze medal of our list is that he's not a starter, and doesn't get significant minutes. Despite the fact that the Bucks toyed with starting Thon Maker to start the season, his role appears to be around twenty minutes a game off the bench. Even so, that much time is essentially spotting the opponent two points a game. Thon Maker is a big that can't score, can't rebound, and fouls a lot. The Bucks have a star in Giannis, and I'm so excited Eric Bledsoe is panning out. So hopefully Thon Maker doesn't keep pulling them down.

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#2 Eric Gordon

In past seasons Eric Gordon has been a below-average player. This season he's awful. His only skill has ever really been as a scorer. And while he's above average this season with a True Shooting Percentage 57.2%, his three-point scoring is quite bad. And Gordon does nothing else, even at the weakest position in the NBA. And on a team with James Harden, Chris Paul, and Ryan Anderson, it's not like the Rockets lack in scoring. The Rockets are destroying opponents and playing well. And this is mainly because CP3 and James Harden are on pace to be the greatest backcourt ever, and Clint Capela is fantastic. But Eric Gordon getting thirty minutes a game is a blemish an otherwise top team.

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#1 Andrew Wiggins

Everyone buys the "have to tank to get a star" myth. And the Philadelphia 76ers four-year overnight success likely means that logic won't go anywhere soon. And while most teams leave the draft lottery with nothing, the Timberwolves lucked into Karl-Anthony Towns, who has been a top player since he was a rookie. And in this offseason, they grabbed Jimmy Butler for nothing. And those two players alone should make Timberwolves fans happy. And then there's Andrew Wiggins. Not only has he never been a good player, but his age curve also seems to be going in reverse. Wiggins can't do anything. His most prominent flaw is simple. He's a horrible scorer. At 51.5% True Shooting, he's almost 5% worse than league average. In spite of this, he takes the most shots of any player on the Wolves. The Wolves currently lead the Northwest Division and with Butler and Towns could be a contender. But with Andrew Wiggins leading the team in total minutes played and shots per game, they're playing at a major disadvantage. Of course, as he just signed an almost 150 million dollar extension, I don't think this problem is going anywhere. Sorry Wolves fans!

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