The Boxscore Geeks Show: Nailed it! ... or not... MVP Edition

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Westbrook is a star? DeAndre Jordan is an MVP? Phoenix is done? Find out our thoughts on the Boxscore Geeks show!



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You were indeed skeptical of Embiid being out of shape. A Vine of him dunking between his legs seemed to help.

In ESPN 30 for 30's "No Mas", a bunch of out of shape people insult a boxer for quitting after eight rounds. Sports fans' perspectives on athlete's' conditioning and performance are skewed.

As Patrick notes, it's easy even for mainstream media sources to just report on Embiid's weight problems and not watch him during pre-game workouts.

Tune in for annecdote about my underground boxing in college. Well, two rounds.

Nailed, Or Not! Russell Westbrook

Both Patrick and myself may have said some things about Westbrook pre-season.

My prediction is that Russ will continue to be good-but-not-great, but will score lots of points and therefore get tons of recognition for "stepping up".

Patrick in Durant Without Westbrook on October 14th, 2014

Westbrook has improved his game in small ways this season. This is something Kevin Costner sums up quite well in the best baseball movie ever: Bull Durham

Enes Kanter is playing well, so far, on OKC. We'll see if he keeps it up.

We talk about chemistry between Durant and Westbrook. Patrick isn't too worried there. Now, in Cleveland, that's a different situation.

I hypothesize that Cleveland could have Ricky Rubio, Kevin Love, and LeBron James right now. It coulda been beautiful.

Reminder, I made a bad metaphor about Westbrook a while back. Glad it hasn't come back to bite me.

Westbrook had a recent game with almost more shots than points. He still got a triple-double and played well, but it was a "bad" game for Westbrook.

DeAndre Jordan is MVP material

I wrote about this yesterday.

This issue with NBA stats is we count points in one, two, and three. Some of our commenters have mentioned this skews perception. I have to agree.

Patrick also points out that some stats like blocks and steals typically stay under five, but they still matter a great deal.

Any listeners know the voters who voted for Ben Wallace as MVP? He deserves a medal.

Players that can get into good position for "hockey passes" in the NBA are skillful. Not everyone can do it.

Yeah, DeAndre's free throws are poor. That means he's not great in "clutch time." Good news, that's a very tiny amount of the gane.

As much as I hear people harping on players defense, I don't see people using new data sources like

Patrick tries to get some Tyson Chandler love going. I feel he has an alterior motive here.

I'd like Westbrook to win MVP, because of how unlikely it is.

On the subject of great bigs, Rudy Gobert and Hassan Whiteside are playing absurdly right now.

Patrick's Bets

We review Patrick's pre-season bets on the NBA.

The Hawks have been playing great, except for against Philadelphia, which helps Patrick's 76ers bet.

Patrick hates the Kings right now and their tendency to drop leads.

Toronto has fallen off, but boy is the Atlantic division bad.

Patrick listed Phoenix as having a chance. We check their schedule and the over on that team has no shot of happening.

Why can't Brandon Wright get more playing time?

Who is the MVP?

Anthony Davis. Move along. Don't listen to me on the podcast. Don't need more DeAndre hate.

Patrick says the best modern big is David Robinson, especially when you consider defense. He's pointing out that Anthony Davis' stats are hitting those levels.

Shout Outs

Leonard Nemoy. Not just for being the face of the rationality, he also did a lot of fighting behind the scenes for diversity in television.

Mark Eaton (@markeaton7ft4) I looked up his stats last week while arguing about Allen Iverson. He was quite good.

Patrick shouts of the Washington Make-a-Wish Foundation. Patrick will be attending the Seattle Gala soon.

Brian shouts out Ned Yost for being against killing bees. Bees are important, we should try to not kill them. Here's an idea, start hiring bee keepers to work as the first or third base coaches.

Brian also shouts out Wendell Kim, famous third base coach extra donair.