The Boxscore Geeks Show: Lonzo! Lonzo! Lonzo!

Chris Yeh returns to talk the Lakers and Lonzo Ball.



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Show Notes

Chris was on before the draft and Summer League to discuss Lonzo Ball. Check it out.

True story - Chris watched the draft lottery and was cheering them getting the #2 pick to the confusion of his family.

Markelle Fultz may be the "worst" #1 pick in NBA Draft history if we go by team record.

We talk Joel Embiid and how we agree he has looked like a star ... for ten games. Let's wait a bit before we crown him a win.

We discuss some good Lakers history to watch/read:

Random note, why the hell isn't A.C. Green's jersey retired?

Also, Earl Jones is the Lakers' Center mistake I bring up on the show and can't think of.

We discuss the concept of "gravity" in the NBA - (how much a player stretches the D). We have no problem with this idea, but point out that if a player is inefficient, or doesn't take advantage of a stretched D, it is not intrinsically valuable.

We talk Lonzo Ball's Summer League play. This tweet summed up the progression:

Thanks to RealGM for having the Summer League Stats.

Lonzo Ball's shooting was "bad" for Summer League but in a promising way. He shot above 50% from two. His bad shooting was due to his horrendous three-point shooting (he shot 23.8%!) But the "good" news is he took almost half his shots from three. Meaning, he had great shot selection, and possible was just cold for a six game stretch from three. Side note, Kyle Kuzma in college was bad from three but rocked Summer League.

It's worth your time to YouTube some of Lonzo Ball's Summer League highlights if you haven't. We recommend starting with the "punch pass."

We discuss Chris Yeh's old article on Magic Johnson - "The Magic Effect."

We talk about Paul George and the hilarious failure of the Cavaliers. We also pat the Thunder on the back for making a trade we think was all right.

We forgot to talk KCP!

We talk what I call "The Ray Allen Effect" in regards to if Paul George (currently an average player) can bring a star player with him to Los Angeles. Chris summed it up well: "If someone brings a supermodel to the club, everybody's happy.", which is also Chris' theory for why the Warriors signed Nick Young (for off the court, not on it, however).

I didn't realize the Bulls traded the rights to Jordan Bell to the Warriors. The Bulls absolutely failed the offseason.

We talk the Spurs and what's been going on recently. I speculate the end of the St. Louis Spirit deal may have impacted some of the Spurs signing strategies. The answer may be simpler.

We always bring up some of our film love. Side note, is there a better player/actor than Rick Fox?