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The Boxscore Geeks Show: Chris Yeh Re-Returns

Chris Yeh returns to talk the Lakers and the upcoming NBA draft, which should net them Lonzo Ball. We also talk the NBA Finals and some other NBA stories.



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Show Notes

Chris Yeh

Chris is a Bay Area venture capitalist and New York Times best-selling co-author of The Alliance. He also has another upcoming book coming out in 2018 called Blitzscaling! He's a huge Lakers fan too!

If you like Chris' insights and books, you should check out the Masters of Scale Podcast with Reid Hoffman (co-founder of LinkedIn, and co-author of the Alliance), which includes interviews with some of the best names in tech (the most recent interview is with Mark Zuckerberg).

Also, Chris Yeh's blog Adventures in Capitalism is great. Sadly the output has dropped since Chris started writing bestselling books.

Lonzo Ball on the Lakers

Dave and Arturo crunched the NCAA Wins Produced numbers, and we've talked some sleepers.

Arturo has posted a poster of college numbers next to DraftExpress' top 100.

We didn't really go in depth on the other Lakers' top prospects, but here are the links to their draft grades

2016 NBA Draft (Brandon Ingram)

2015 NBA Draft (D'Angelo Russell)

We discuss Lonzo Ball's shot release and an ESPN Sports Science on this.

Is it a weakness or strength that Lonzo Ball's shot selection is MoreyBall at 99.9%?

The Lakers were a bad team, but there are some pieces that can shoot from deep, so maybe Lonzo Ball can help out quickly.

We note Markelle Fultz has the "looks like a basketball player" benefit (which Kobe Bryant did as well). Chris compares this to the gender bias in orchestras. I first heard about this in the book "Blink."

I thought we'd discuss the possible issues with LaVar Ball and his relationship with Lonzo. Chris isn't worried in the slighted. In fact, the example is Kobe Bryant's relationship with his father, Joe Bryant. Joe Bryant said he was as good as Magic Johnson and definitely tried to profit off his son's name.

We discuss if Magic Johnson failed as an NBA coach and TV host. Tune in to hear our thoughts!

Chris isn't biting on the stories about the Lakers passing on Ball. After all, the media does need stories to fill headlines until the draft.

The Lakers also have the 28th pick in the draft (from the Lou Williams trade), and Chris hopes they grab Jordan Bell with it.

The Finals

We recorded this show on Friday after game one was in the books. Things look even more dire for the Cavs since then.

We discuss Tristan Thompson's low minutes in game one. Despite poor play, going small is not the way to beat Golden State.

Cool video from FreeDawkins on the Warriors impressive playoffs defense.

Lightning Round

Adam Silver still wants to raise the minimum age for NBA players. We disagree with this of course.

Could Chris Paul end up in San Antonio?

Chris isn't buying David Stern's comment that Mitch Kupchak got cold feet in the Chris Paul trade.

Will the Bucks grab Becky Hammon as their next GM? We're a fan.

I shout out Michelle Wolf's take on the Wonder Woman movie. Also, it turns out everyone on this episode is a big Ryan Reynolds fan! Tune in to hear more.

Can't wait until I make two more appearances, and get inducted into the Five Timers Club!
I listened to the Lakers Film Room podcast just savage Fox for his advanced analytics. He hit a total of 3 contested jump shots this year (out of 13 attempts). He attempted a total of 3 shots from NBA 3FG range, and missed them all. He shot 20% from the college 3FG line when facing man-to-man defenses. He's below average (33rd percentile) on defending the pick and roll. But hey, he looks like a basketball player! And he dropped 39 points on Lonzo in the tournament (even though Synergy only attributes 11 of those points to Lonzo).
Fox got pretty good grades in Arturo's poster. I'm curious if the type of "advanced analytics" information that Chris Yeh mentions from the Lakers Film Room podcast is useful. Somebody hit 3 out 13 contested jump shots. So what? Contested jump shots are typically bad shots. Does it matter if someone makes them at a somewhat higher rate than others? To me, the most important thing would be if the player is taking them at all (and taking only 13 all season strikes me at first glance as a pretty good rate).
Re: Lauri Markannen

It's almost as though there is some sort of precedent for European centers with girl names who don't rebound or block shots not exactly working out all that well in the NBA.

Side note: For people who think that Lonzo/D'Angelo Russell drama is a concern, recall that D'Angelo accidentally broke up Nick Young's engagement, and they managed to patch it up. I'm pretty sure that a tweet here or there is nothing in comparison.

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