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The Boxscore Geeks Show: Heaven and Hell

We talk the CBA, CP3, the Warriors, and why Andrew Wiggins just isn't that good.



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Show Notes

We talk my article on "Advanced Analytics Tropes," in particular the fact that we overlook that the "eye test" has a bias if you go by the film. Whoever the camera operator is dictates the view. I feel this isn't brought up enough.

We talk Colin Kaepernick's kneel again. Namely, Admrial Harris' Pearl Harbor remarks. We note the lack of black athletes in North American sports during World War II. Reminder, the Boston Red Sox didn't integrate until almost the 1960s!

The NBA CBA has been tentatively agreed to. We talk a little about it. One question is will the D-League get competitive salaries for players that don't want to go the NCAA route?

We discuss Bryce Harper's contract. Obviously, MLB contracts are largely topical.

The Warriors, despite all the fanfare, are worse than last season. Should fans still be psyched? Also, is Klay the odd man out?

Chris Paul is easily the NBA MVP this season. It's not close. We discuss why he might be snubbed in the eyes of some.

We talk how Andrew Wiggins is just not a good player. Something others are coming around to. Does that mean he'll never be good? Well, hard to say, but I wouldn't be optimistic, he clearly isn't worth the Kevin Love deal now, though.

Shout Outs

Patrick shouts out the sickest dunk of the year (courtesy of Steven Davis)!

I shout out Steve Hoffstetter for a great bit and response to a heckler on police violence.