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Even More Nonsense about Kaepernick's Kneel

Admiral Harry Harris was given a chance to honor the memory of those lost at Pearl Habor seventy-five years ago. For an odd reason, he decided to "burn" (CNN's word choice, not mine) Colin Kaepernick for kneeling for the National Anthem in protest of racism. I have a few thoughts on this.

As the CNN article, I linked already noted, the Navy during World War II was heavily segregated; most African-Americans were in service duty, and the first African-American Naval officers weren't commissioned until 1944. As a reminder, Pearl Harbor occurred in 1941.

A bigger the point is that the NFL had no black players from 1934 through 1945, which you may recognize as the entirety of World War II!

We've talked before about how we find it odd to think honoring veterans means standing during a professional sporting event. We are completely behind supporting and respecting veterans. That said, it has gotten bizarrely strange to get mad at Kaepernick about racism by completely ignoring some of the very real issues with race in our history.

Remembering our history is important for our future. And certainly honoring heroes from our past is fine. But doing this by ignoring that there have been and are still problems is folly. As a final note, I find "speaking for the dead," when it's clear you don't even know the full context of their lives to be a bit offputting. Regardless, here's hoping seventy-five years from now we'll be in a place where not standing at a football game won't be a big deal.


Never mind that Hawaii was a sovereign country until 1893 when the USA threw their queen into prison and gave the island to a fruit company---the island's first governor was a Dole.
If you want to get mad at Kaepernick, get mad at him for not voting (and not even being registered to vote). The *whole point* of the protest exercise is to get those with their hands on the reigns of civil society to behave differently, or to replace them if they don't - and if you don't even bother to show up for that last step your protest isn't serious. It's the difference between a citizen with a grievance and a child acting out. He's doing a disservice to everyone on the ground actually fighting for his cause by giving their political opponents a broad brush to dismiss them with.
I've never understood how this is an issue. People honor the country in their own ways. If you want something symbolic that brings us all together don't overuse the shit out of it. The flag on paper plates, napkins, etc is not a sign of a country that truly thinks the flag is important. Nobody even blinks an eye if they see the flag outside at night during a storm. The flag and the national anthem are near meaningless due to overuse.

I'd actually compare it to the term hero which used to stand for something. Just like the flag and the anthem after 9/11 everyone became a hero. ALL first responders and military personnel were "heroes". ALL single parents are "heroes". If we want something to have a symbolic meaning we need to only use it in moments of great importance... something which a preseason NFL game certainly doesn't rise to. For that matter NO sporting event outside of the Olympics rises to that level but I guess I don't mind that much if they do it during national championships.

The people who are upset at Kaepernick need to answer a few simple questions:

1. What America do you think we should all be defending?
2. How does dreaming and trying to achieve a better America hurt anyone?
3. If you don't like the BLM protests and you don't like Kaepernick's peaceful and respectful protests... how on earth do you expect people to protest against great injustice?

My personal responses would be:

1. An America where people can constantly strive for more equality and justice is exactly the America you should defend.
2. There is no way this hurts America, rejecting such attempts hurts America.
3. There are not really any other ways. People who disagree for whatever reason just don't want to hear about how they might be wrong.
All buildings matter!
Westbrook is averaging a triple double and BSG stops doing box score of the week articles. Conspiracy?
DG22 - hahaha well done. Classic left field comment.

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