The Boxscore Geeks Show 285: How Great is Andrew Wiggins?



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Video Show

Timestamps of what we talk about, with some bonus content for you lucky ducks!

0:40 We immediately start bashing/praising? Anthony Edwards

7:20 Shaq/Donovan Mitchell

13:15 How the NBA’s commentators are bad for the sport.

19:15 MVP Nikola Jokic and what makes him special. We talk about how he passes: “You don’t pass to your teammates, you pass away from the defenders.” Great example here

27:24 Brag here – I purchased an almost life-sized Dikembe Mutombo poster.

29:00 We ask what happened to the Alonzo Mourning/Dikembe Mutombo Georgetown squads and why they didn’t win. There’s a reason it vanishes so easily from memory. They lost to UNLV in 1991, who you may recall ended up getting heartbroken by the most famous shot in NCAA history from Chris Laettner. Mystery solved!

32:20 We talk about Clint Capela in Atlanta and the “Death of Houston.”

39:54 – The James Harden/Jarrett Allen trade.

49:36 – We give some insights into development content speed on BSG. I compare James Dolan taking ownership of the Knicks as the inverse of a recent development for me. Also, we talk a little about how COVID is impacting WFH and the tech sphere.

1:04:00 – We talk about an upcoming piece - “How the Wolves have chosen the worst #1 Picks ever.”, and somehow end up arguing about how “good” Andrew Wiggins is/was.


Patrick shouts out Karl-Anthony Towns, who has dealt with more than anyone should have to this last year.

Brian shouts out T.D. Williams for their great take on why Shaq/etc. are bad for the NBA product.

I shout our Andrey Esipenko for his win against Magnus Carlsen.