The Boxscore Geek Show: Blitzscaling the Lakers with Chris Yeh

Chris Yeh returns to talk the Los Angeles Lakers and his new book "Blitzscaling" (co-written with Reid Hoffman)



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Show Notes

The Lakers

We run down pretty much every relevant player on the Lakers' roster and are very optimistic. Tune in!

We are nervous about LeBron James' age/wear, which we touched on before.

Lonzo Ball had a great rookie season (better than LeBron's, but with some horrible shooting), he can only improve, right?

It takes me many many tries to say Ivica Zubac's name correctly ...

We love Josh Hart, and we enjoy learning that he's the reason David West retired!

As a lesson on optimism, we were very optimistic on the Spurs less than a month ago, and they've already lost a key player for the season. The NBA is rough.


Check out for Chris and Reid's new book "Blitzscaling," which talks about rapidly growing companies in winner-take-all environments. We find several ways to compare it to the NBA.

Reid Hoffman was on CBS "This Morning," and we discuss the segment a few times on the show. Chris makes a brief appearance off the bench.

Being "inefficient" in winner-take-all scenarios makes more sense than optimizing. Our examples include Lew Alcindor to
the NBA over the ABA; LeBron James to the Lakers. One example I didn't think of at the time that I'm kicking myself
over is Shaquille O'Neal leaving Orlando.

Chris is on a book launch tour for the launch (Blitzscaling came out October 9th), and as a result, Chris got to stay in the same hotel as Dwight Howard!

We talk briefly about Daily Fantasy Sports and Blitzscaling. It's definitely a topic I'll return too.

One last plug, if you order the audio version of Blitzscaling, it is narrated by none other than Chris himself! I'm halfway through my copy and loving it!