Arturo's Future First Ballot Hall of Famers

In the offseason, we've been enjoying discussions about who belongs in the Hall of Fame. Arturo took the discussion seriously and went about making an analytical approach to deciding who belongs in the Hall. Check out his first piece here. Arturo used a recipe blending a player's prime and their total career to decide if they were worthy. We've reviewed players that have been unjustly forgotten. Today we'd like to give a cheat sheet to future voters. Here are players that deserve First Ballot honors when their time comes.

Let's start off with players that have left the game. The NBA has a waiting period before players are eligible for the Hall of Fame. These players should be no-brainers when that happens though.

Rank Player HoF Score HoF Year Eligible
6 Jason Kidd 98.7 2018
8 Ben Wallace 89.5 2017
13 Dikembe Mutombo 82.7 2015
18 Shaquille O'Neal 74.9 2016
41 Marcus Camby 52.2 2018
53 Brent Barry 44.7 2015
84 Jeff Foster 35.3 2017
94 Grant Hill 32.5 2018
99 Lamar Odom 31.3 2018
100 Tracy McGrady 31.2 2017

To clarify, rank is a players rank out of all players that have been active since the 1977-1978 NBA season. I'll stress that Dikembe Mutombo is a no-brainer! Here was Arturo's take on this list of amazing candidates.

If the Hall has any sense at all Kidd, Wallace, Mutombo and Shaq should get in first ballot. Mutombo and Wallace are probably going to be helped by facing a clean field in their first year of eligibility. Camby might get in first ballot on the strength of his college play. Jeff Foster is never getting in or even nominated. The last four on the list (Brent Barry, Grant Hill, Odom and Tracy McGrady), I think all get in eventually. I think Hill and Tmac go in first. Barry will need some "stat geek" think pieces supporting him (got your back @Barryathree). Odom gets in further down the line and we hopefully get a heartfelt, tearjerking acceptance speech.

Finally, we have players that are still plugging along in the NBA. Surprisingly (or not), a ton of all-time greats are still in the NBA. And a few are still years away from their retirement.

Rank Player HOF Score Total
9 Kevin Garnett 87.4
11 LeBron James 85.3
14 Chris Paul 82.5
17 Tim Duncan 75.8
20 Steve Nash 72.2
22 Shawn Marion 67.6
24 Dwight Howard 64.9
32 Andrei Kirilenko 59.5
36 Dwyane Wade 54.5
38 Tyson Chandler 54.0
42 Manu Ginobili 52.0
54 Chauncey Billups 44.6
55 Andre Iguodala 44.5
61 Elton Brand 43.1
65 Ray Allen 41.7
73 Paul Pierce 39.3
75 Pau Gasol 39.1
77 Kevin Durant 38.1
78 Kobe Bryant 38.0
81 Dirk Nowitzki 36.4
83 Rajon Rondo 35.7
85 Joakim Noah 35.2
87 Andre Miller 34.8
91 Shane Battier 33.7
96 Gerald Wallace 32.3
97 Jose Calderon 31.7
98 Kevin Love 31.7

Reminder, LeBron may be the greatest ever to play! Here were Arturo's thoughts on this impressive list of twenty-seven names!

KG, Lebron, Chris Paul, Duncan and Nash are a pretty unassailable, first ballot, top five. I'd say of those 27, Kirilenko and Calderon might have to rely on euro ball to get in, Tyson Chandler and Rajon Rondo needs another deep playoff run, Iguodala needs a playoff moment, Brand, Miller and Wallace will be joining the "he really should be in" club and Battier will need the "stat geek" hipster vote.

We'll wrap up with the players in Arturo's top 100 that are already in the Hall and who Arturo thinks should be voted in over the next few classes! We'll see you then.