The Weekly Wrap Up: Melo, Giannis, the Lakers, and Toronto

Andrew - Are the Lakers wasting LeBron?

Not even Lebron can save these Lakers. Why does every time Lebron joins a new team they go in “win now mode”? It would be a sound strategy but acquiring aging vets doesn’t seem the best talent pool to pull from. Getting underrated prime aged free agents would be a better move. I remember in Miami thinking “wow Big 3 but Eddie House tho????” so I always shake my head and go you ruined this roster with past their prime vets to give the “big game experience” perception. Ingram and Kuzma are making my Wiggins senses tingle. Time for a Jimmy Butler trade offer before Morey gets smart again.

Editor's Note: This will definitely be a contentious issue around the Boxscore Geeks this year as some of us love Rondo and JaVale. And, of course, right after Andrew sent this, the Lakers broke the Nuggets win streak. So ... there's that.

Brian - The Raptors MVP ... Kyle Lowry?

Much has been made of Kawhi's solid play so far, and rightfully so, but it is actually his teammate Kyle Lowry who leads the league in wins produced leading into the 10/25 games. The Raptors are for real and should be the favorites to win the East again: Wins Produced as of this post

Dre - The Rockets have a Melo problem!

Good god, the Melo "experiment" on the Rockets was even worse than we thought. Last season he was the worst player on the league for the Thunder. We thought maybe the Rockets could mitigate the damage. Melo, despite coming off the bench, is still getting major minutes and shots. With Golden State and Utah coming out strong, and Denver being the playoff darling, the Rockets better get their act together if they don't want to lose in the first round of the playoffs. Reminder, last season Melo was the worst player in the NBA!

Patrick - Did Giannis just have a Wilt start?

Did Giannis just have the best opening week in the modern era? The Wilt comparisons are funny, but it is quite amazing how he seems to take quantum leaps each year.

Editor's Note: I actually noted to Patrick that sadly Giannis' production was meh despite having a 25/15/5 stat line to start the week. In the era of Moreyball, Giannis is shooting 8% from three on four attempts a game! People from the future, tell us if he improves!