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The MVP Race!

We've looked a lot at what voters like in deciding an MVP. However, something I like more is pretending we have an MVP vote. With that in mind, who gets our vote? Well, the list is rather short.

Player Team (W-L) WP48 Wins
LeBron James Miami Heat (16-6) 0.348 5.6
Andre Drummond Detroit Pistons (10-12)  0.353 5.3
Chris Paul Los Angeles Clippers (14-8) 0.351 5.3

Bron, Drummond, and CP3 are heads and shoulders above the rest of the NBA right now. All of them are playing over three and half times the average at their respective positions. For Drummond, it's cementing his already historic start. For CP3 it's cementing his spot as one of the greatest point guards ever. And for LeBron, it's simply reinforcing my belief he's the best to have ever played the game.

These players also have another similarity, they're great overall players with only one major "flaw" -- an area they're significantly worse than average

  • Drummond - Assists
  • Bron - Turnovers
  • CP3 - Fouls

These players bring the complete package and currently no other names deserve consideration. That's right, with our MVP votes, the Boxscore Geeks leave 4-5 blank! I won't lie, I'd be tempted to put CP3 first, as I feel he's due at least one MVP in his career. However, if Bron keeps this up, I think he deserves the threepeat. If he maintains his ungodly 68.3% True Shooting Percentage, I think even our fickle voters will have to agree.

Possible Snags

The candid truth is Andre Drummond has no shot at this award. Being on a losing team means he won't get it. As for Paul and James? Well, if the Pacers and Blazers keep up their winning ways, the voters are likely to snub LeBron. They've done it before! If either the Pacers or Blazers eclipse 60 wins and outperform the Heat and/or Clippers then we can expect to crown either Paul George or LaMarcus Aldridge MVP. I'm inclined to believe the Pacers and Blazers cool. Even if they're better than we expected, I don't believe they stay this good. Of course, it's early and we'll have to wait and see!