The Boxscore Geeks Show: Zen and the Art of Coaching Basketball

Alright, fun stuff first. Amazon Link to Ben's Book Here! As we note in this show, early sales are critical for self-published authors like Ben. With that in mind, I'm doing a contest. I have a good selection of vintage Sports Illustrated, mainly from the 90s, and you could win one! If you buy a copy of Ben's book in hardcover form, I'll send you one! If you buy a copy of Ben's book in digital format and either leave a comment here or Tweet out about it, I'll randomly select from every ten comments/Tweets to get one! You have to be able to show you purchased it. Sound good? Onto the show and notes.


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Show Notes

If you missed it above, you can purchase Ben's book "Zen and the Art of Coaching Basketball" on Amazon.

Ben has a fantastic newsletter -- -- with regular podcasts that have become a masterclass on self-publishing. Check it out if you haven't, and he's also going to have comprehensive notes on this podcast there as well!

I do have to shout out the Jasper Johnson episode of Ben's podcast. Sadly, it is in memory of an amazing basketball player that passed too soon and his former teammates and Ben, who coached him, reminiscing.

Ben's coaching journeys have taken him everywhere. He filmed a documentary about the H.W. Byers Lady Lions, who won a state title!

We talk about the Brian Scalabrine Challenge, particularly his comments, which showed up on the Duncan Robinson podcast.

I can't avoid talking chess on most podcasts, and this one is no different. We compare Ben's Blue Devils championship run with Josh Waitzkin, former chess prodigy, and his mastery of Tai Chi.

We discuss the importance of editing in the writing process. Ben has a good post about this on his site. He also recorded a fun podcast with his editor Glenn Stout.

Oh yeah, before Ben wrote a book about his amazing coaching journey, he decided to try sports betting using Wages of Wins methodology, and not only did he do well, he wrote a book about it!

Oh yeah, Ben and I recorded two podcast episodes about Ted Lasso, if you're a fan of such things.

Shout Outs

Ben shouts out the Blue Devils, the subject of his book, of course!

Ben shouts out the Mizzou Positive Coaching and Leading program.

Ben shouts out the Positive Coaching Alliance.

Finally, Ben shouts out Greg Graber (@GregGraber).

I shout out Dave Zirin (@EdgeOfSports), especially his recent appearance on the Agony of Defeat podcast.