The Boxscore Geeks Show: Why we're not Jazzed about Klay Thompson.

We talk about the Jazz and the Warriors for two similar reasons.



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Oh wow, is it Thursday already and no show notes? Apologies, I got behind this week. The good news is if you subscribe to us on Twitch, iTunes, Stitcher, or YouTube, you get this content before I do the write-up! No major show notes this week, but here are our topics:

An oldie but goodie - why does the Wins Produced metric love big men? Spoiler alert: the NBA was built for them.

Wait, is Emmanual Mudiay actually good this year?

Just a shout out to Bob Laughlin for winning the "Leonard Prize" for noticing how I routinely mispronounce Dirk's last name. If you notice any of the Boxscore Geeks hosts doing this, let us know, and you too could win such a prize!

We talk about the Utah Jazz and why their struggles are less the blame of players, we may normally like bashing and more a sign of poor strategy by the coaching or front office.

We talk about the Warriors' struggles. And how we're not worried about them this season, we're just worried about what they'll do in the offseason with Klay.

We talk about how the NBA players of the month are wrong (except for Giannis).

We revisit a theory from Art Rondeau about how to improve the draft. In a novel approach, Art says what if we rewarded bad teams that outperformed expectations instead of bad teams that gave up 1/4 of the way into the season?

We add some more psychoanalysis to the Chess World Championship.

Tune in!