The Boxscore Geeks Show: Why the Lakers didn't Blitzscale



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Video Show

We talk:

The reality TV show "Mental Samurai," as well as "The Chris Yeh Podcast," which has behind the scenes info on it. I've also been keeping "advanced stats" for the show over at Tune on April 30th on Fox at 9 pm for Chris' appearance on the show.

We recap the Lakers season. We recorded this the day before Magic stepped down! We also place a lot of the blame on Kyle Kuzma, while also comparing his rookie season to Jeremy Lin's.

We return to Babylon 5 briefly, which somehow ends with a trip down memory lane for the Lakers and Jerry West!

We talk Chris' book Blitzscaling (co-written by Reid Hoffman), as well as some criticisms Brian found researching it. We also talk a Stratechery article that discusses some of the misconceptions about some of the criticisms.

Tune in!