The Boxscore Geeks Show: Where we don't talk the Horrible Houston Rockets

The Spurs, the Bulls, and Nuggets, and the Bucks, oh my!



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Video Show

We respond to some user comments as well as some retrospectives on last week show. Tune in to hear. There is one comment I figured put in the notes:

Westchesterbruin asks if combining power forwards and centers makes sense in the Wins Produced formula. We're at the part of the year, which we have to review the data to make sure things don't look weird (we've had bugs in the past and might this year as well, it seems like a yearly thing!) We are definitely going to revisit this. Expect a post at some point on it.

The Spurs and What Wins Games. We talk about the interesting article Tom Haberstroh has on Gregg Popovich's take on three-point shooting.

The Bulls are poorly coached and poorly run!

The Nuggets are getting hurt by injury and making iffy moves as a result. Here's hoping they get healthy.

The Bucks actually made a "good" trade that does nothing. I may revisit this in the future.

As noted, Houston is not a topic, but I kept using them as a comparison for these other topics such that if you listen to the whole show, there's like a segment's worth of Houston Rockets discussion!