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Dre, Patrick, and Brian explore alternate universe scenarios for NBA history, what if things happened differently for Shaq, Kobe, Sabonis, and Schmidt?



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Last Week Recap

I was absent last week's show, so I chimed in my two cents quickly. First, in regards to position adjustment, I found it common to many "advanced stats" issues. Namely, it's amusing to ignore the bigger picture (shooting efficiently matters) in favor of arguing smaller things like clutch or if a player is really a three or four in position.

Also, I find the word "sport" is much like the term "advanced statistics" in terms of not making a useful distinction.

I make a great comparison between RBIs and position in the NBA. Patrick makes an excellent comparison between poker and coaching. Tune in to hear em.

Wall of Boredom

Every week we talk the "significant" moves in the NBA offseason.

We don't even waste time talking the Tayshaun Prince signing by the Wolves.

Hey, the Raptors signed a good big to a good contract. We like Valanciunas and the Raptors. It's hard to know for sure, but we think they look good going forward in the east.

Daily Fantasy Sports

As Patrick noted last week, I was out in Vegas last week for a FanDuel event. We talk about the state of Daily Fantasy Sports, and how it has impacted me. Also, if you feel like helping out the show and haven't given Daily Fantasy Sports a try, go to and sign up using the offer code "boxscore". Play for Patrick, who doesn't have the ability to right now!

What if...?

I compared a weird alternate reality in my last piece about what if Tracy McGrady and Kobe Bryant switched starting points in their careers. This is a fun topic, so we bounced a few around today.

We've played this game before with Dr. J.

Have to get this point about Kobe in (typo and all!)

My what-if was a two parter. Shaq left a stacked Orlando Magic to go to the Lakers. Orlando probably couldn't have competed with the Rodman Bulls. If Shaq doesn't go to a Lakers team led by Phil Jackson and with some strong young talent, how does his legacy (and Kobe's!) end up?

Of course, the second part of my Shaq point is: "What if the Lakers could have kept Shaq in 2004?" Those Lakers would have been Shaq and Kobe and not much else. With the Spurs, Mavericks, and Suns, it's doubtful the Lakers would have competed. Heck, Kobe might even have demanded a trade and not be known as "the greatest Laker ever."

What if the Soviets had allowed Arvydas Sabonis to join the NBA when the Portland Trail Blazers drafted him in 1985. I've already said Terry Porter and Clyde Drexler were the best guard tandem in modern NBA history. Combine them with a young and healthy Sabonis and what does the era of the Bad Boy Pistons, Showtime Lakers, and Jordan Bulls look like?

Exhibit A

Exhibit B

A quick what if is another Tracy McGrady scenario. The Rockets only really got one year of him and Yao Ming. Yao likely got overworked by his demands for the Chinese national team. McGrady couldn't stay healthy. We could do another show just on what-ifs in McGrady's career!

Brian's what-if is "What if Oscar Schmidt had come to the NBA?" Schmidt was also a player that never played in the NBA despite being drafted by the Nets in the 80s. That said, in international play he was taking over ten three-pointers a game on incredible efficiency. Could Oscar Schmidt have changed the style of the game in the NBA had he come over?

Patrick labeled John Bryant as a good "what if" player for the NBA. He hasn't made it over, and likely never will.

Shout Outs

Brian shots out Chris Borland, who retired from his career in the NFL early. ESPN had an excellent expose calling him the most dangerous man in the NFL.

Brian shouts out a fantastic thread on the worst three-point chuckers in NBA history including Charles "Chuck" Barkley!

Brian's last shout out is to LeBron James, who, according to Darren Rovell, charges $1,000 a character per tweet. Patrick thinks this may actually be a good deal!

I shout out the fun YouTube channel: Wrestling with Wregret, which I found this week and have been enjoying.

I shout out, who sell reversible USB cables. That's right, no more trying twice to get the USB cable in for me. I know, it seems like shilling, but I'm seriously thrilled to have finally solved this first-world problem.

Finally, I shout out Bo Jackson, who was a childhood star for me. I got to meet him this weekend, and he was great. Also, I call his show "Sports Stars," when I clearly meant "ProStars." Also, ESPN's 30 for 30: You Don't Know Bo is a must watch.