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We talk

  • The NBA Finals
  • The NBA Finals
  • Other?



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Show Notes

The theme of this week's show...

We talk what was better last week: Game of Thrones (Episode: the Broke Man) or the NBA Finals. Brian and I disagree!

Brian has some issues about how quick the media is to react to one game. ESPN Writers are questioning Curry and Bogut. 538 wonders about Curry too. The annoying answer of injuries and small sample size don't make compelling articles it seems.

After one game it's clearly time to give up on Kevin Love. We don't agree but do discuss the oddity of how the Cavs constructed the rest of their team.

We also talk how absurd it is for people to bash any professional athlete for being soft. Luckily Andrew Bogut agrees!

Some other topics we discuss:

  • Where was Boban in the playoffs? What are the Spurs plans?
  • How hard dynasty teams like the Rodman Bulls and Iguodala Warriors are to construct, and how fragile they can be.

Shout Outs

Shout out to Richard Sherman for condemning the use of public funds for stadiums.

Shout out to @AsurArt for some fantastic illustrations of this year's NBA finals.

Shout out to Joe Hendry (@joeshendry), local hero! He's coming to What Culture Professional Wrestling, and it looks awesome!