The Boxscore Geeks Show: We're Back like the Golden State Warriors


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Video Show

We're back we talk:

Ben Simmons' contract situation and why the NBA's CBA have all been leading to this.

Bill Walton and why the NBA's 75th Anniversary team shows a decline in analytics.

Warriors, Warriors, Warriors! Are they for real or are they a mirage?

Small sample size theater! We each pick two topics. Those are:

  • Seth Curry started the season hotter than Steph Curry! It didn't last.
  • Alex Caruso is a beast on the Bulls this year. Tack on a Lonzo Ball and do the Lakers get to count it?
  • The Cavaliers aren't just going two towers, they're embracing a full-on skyline. We love it.
  • Harrison Barnes was briefly the MVP this season. Him and Kevin Durant are playing really well. Former Warriors forwards, huh?
  • Another sibling rivalry, Miles Bridges or Mikal Bridges? Regardless, neither could build Jeff Bridges.
  • Robert Williams III is playing great for the Celtics, albeit lower than his per-minute career average. Still, funny idea, play productive players more? Flip side, what's up with Jayson Tatum?