The Boxscore Geeks Show: Tom Brady is Kareem

We talk a whole lot about football (despite not really watching football) as well as a few key Rockets moves.



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Video Show

We spend the first 20-25 minutes of the show talking the NFL playoffs and wrestling. This happens right after I say we're a Rockets podcast.

We talk the Houston Rockets. We like them trading Melo and signing Faried. That said, this team is still playing from behind.

We talk Scottie Pippen and his talk about how he'd guard James Harden. We use this as an excuse to talk a geeky tangent about time travel and greatest of all teams.

Also, I feel I have to include these two videos we discuss:

Daniel O'Brien's video about how the 1990s had multiple movies focused on messing with Andie MacDowell. Also, I call her Annie MacDowell ... oops.

The 90s keeps on giving, check out these Burger King commercials with Dell and Steph Curry (as a child!)