The Boxscore Geeks Show: The Worst Plumlee

We discuss the crazy trades, which include Chris Paul, Jimmy Butler, and Dwight Howard. We also talk the NBA draft and some of the NBA Award.



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Show Notes

Vince Carter said he'd be happy to join the Warriors. Me too!

We introduce a new segment "Andrew was right," or as Andrew recommended: "Andrew Should have Put some Money Down on That."

Andrew's current prediction the Rockets finish 2nd in the NBA next season.

Michael Eaves claims Chris Paul left over Doc Rivers' nepotism, which may have kept the Clippers from Melo.

We talk if Paul George and Carmelo Anthony are overhyped in this offseason.

Andrew uses Boiler Room advice for NBA GMs.

The Jimmy Butler trade was horrible for the Bulls.

Patrick thinks the Wolves may keep Rubio, not out of intelligence, because Rubio may be trade proof.

We bring up ESPN 30 for 30's Broke in commenting on Lonzo Ball's dad and other relationships for NBA rookies.

We talk the NBA Awards, really the 6th man of the Year Award was stupid, but it usually is.

Voters have weird reasons for how they vote anyway.

We briefly note that the controversy around LaMelo Ball using the n-word on WWE Raw, it's odd given the WWE's own very recent history of racism.