The Boxscore Geeks Show: The "What Wins Games" Game

We talk the NBA Finals, ratings, and if Kyrie Irving is the next Kobe Bryant. Tune in!



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Show Notes

Ian Levy noted the Cavs were able to flip the playoff switch(read play LeBron more), but so were the Warriors (read, play Kevin Durant)

The Warriors are definitely in the discussion for greatest all-time. We discuss some stupid arguments why others say they're not.

The TV ratings were up for these finals. We talk about the stupid parity logic, and why you should be mad at worse front offices, not the Warriors.

Nick Warino is awesome and updated his MJ vs. Bron Finals list. The essential point is Michael was always the favorite, and Bron has consistently been the underdog.

Patrick sent along a great Foot Locker ad with Lonzo Ball. Seriously, if the Lakers pass on him, it will just be silly.

An Artificial Intelligence program becomes the best Ms. Pac-Man player, and that signals the impending singularity.