The Boxscore Geeks Show: The Ty Lawson Trainwreck

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Dre, Patrick, and Brian return for more on the inner workings of NBA stadium construction, Ty Lawson going to Houston, and Lebron James' acting talent!



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Last week's poll about Serena Williams oddly did not match our consensus.

Patrick noted that despite going to a Seattle Storm game, his fiancee could not find a team shirt to wear in local stores. Said stores did still have Sonics sports wear. Patrick does discuss some shirts he likes in the WNBA on-line store. However, he notes the absurdity of a scarcity of Storm memorabilia in local sports stores.

This is not a unique problem as Zach Zill notes similar issues with soccer. Zach tried to buy a Marta, the most popular international player, jersey in a men's size, only to find they weren't produced. In short, the idea that the consumers are at fault for women's sports seems spurious currently. (h/t Jessica Luther (@scaTX))

The Ty Lawson Trade

The Ty Lawson trade was underwhelming, especially given the Nuggets waived Prigioni.

Salary wise Lawson's deal was almost up. Still, he was a heck of a bargain for his production.

We understand the reason for the trade, but easily agree Daryl Morey won this trade in a landslide.


I'm a bit incensed by the Milwaukee Bucks stadium deal. As a resident of Wisconsin, all I can say is it's a horrible use of tax payer money.

Owners getting public funding for stadiums is a big reason their claims of losing money seem false. Dave Berri wrote a great piece on Vice Sports about this.

Dave had a follow-up interview on MSNBC about this. I found it quite enjoyable and noted that Dave still questions what owners actually do in the NBA.

John Oliver's video on stadiums is a must watch.


Hey, it's the offseason, time to watch movies with sports starts in them!

Trainwreck is a surprise hit. In that, it follows standard formulaic romantic comedy formulas but with a women in the role of the adult-child. It's sad that should be seen as surprising.

Bill Hader's scene against LeBron James was reminiscent of a moment in Patrick's past. Patrick once hit a fadeaway jumper over Detlef Schremp!

Patrick agrees!

Speaking of Space Jam, a Reddit thread notes the Monstars may have been the worst team Charles Barkley ever played on.

Patrick enjoyed Ant-Man, and I'll be seeing Inside Out next. We'll see if there's a way to compare these to sports somehow.

Shout Outs

Patrick shouts out John Cena for stealing the show in Trainwreck. That's over LeBron James!

Brian shouts out Tony Zhou (@tonyszhou) for the Every Frame a Painting YouTube channel, which has some great commentary on film, including why Edgar Wright is amazing at comedy.

I shout out Dave Berri (@wagesofwins) and Jonathan Weiler(@jonweiler) for their great work this week on stadiums