The Boxscore Geeks Show: The Spurs Incomplete Experiment

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Dre, Patrick, and Brian review the flurry of activity that has been NBA free agency week one.



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This week's show we talked NBA free agency. Well, as much of it as we could cram into an hour. You can keep appraised of where players are going to in the NBA here.

The Dallas Mavericks

Boxscore Geeks Grade: A-

Breakdown of Dallas moves, so far

Anytime you get an MVP caliber player like DeAndre Jordan; you're doing quite well.

Portland signed Al-Farouq Aminu to a pretty reasonable deal. Our only major dig on Dallas is letting him go.

Free agency is the "exciting" time of year we discuss the implications of state income tax on player contracts!

We didn't even mention the Mavericks signing Wesley Matthews on the show. Excellent work.

San Antonio Spurs

Boxscore Geeks Grade: B(incomplete)

The key moves the Spurs did were quite boring, they re-signed Kawhi Leonard and Danny Green to reasonable deals.

It does look like Aldridge took a pay cut signing with the Spurs. We weren't 100% sure on the show.

For the price tag, we were fine with the David West signing. Patrick questions where the hate for taking a pay cut to play for a contender is, though.

We have many questions about Aldridge. He's been good but not the star player many think he is his whole career.

A lot of free agency moves are called discounts thanks to the upcoming CBA. That said, it's possible some contracts may be retroactively impacted, like in the last CBA.

Los Angeles Clippers

Boxscore Geeks Grade: F

They lost DeAndre Jordan for petty reasons. Nuff said.

Sacramento Kings

Boxscore Geeks Grade: F

So much for the idea that Hinkie is losing his ability to make trades! This trade was so indefensible it makes the offseason a failure.

New York Knicks

Boxscore Geeks Grade: C

Patrick doesn't actually like "fair market" contracts for mediocre players like Afflalo. It hurts flexibility on players without upside.

Robin Lopez is a good player signed to a fair deal.

Toronto Raptors

Boxscore Geeks Grade: A

Picking up three productive players (DeMarre Carroll, Bismack Biyombo, Cory Joseph) in free agency is what we've come to expect from Masai.

Milwaukee Bucks

Boxscore Geeks Grade: B

Greg Monroe has been all over the place, but I've decided to be optimistic about him. Patrick remains trepidatious.

The Bucks should keep Dudley, no duh...dley. I'm not proud of that.

Contrary to Patrick's point, Michael Carter-Williams is a better shooter than Ricky Rubio...barely.

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