The Boxscore Geeks Show: The Rockets A Capela Album

The Rockets dominate the discussion again. They're doing their best to stay in the news.



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Video Show

We talk:

How close the Nuggets and Warriors now are. Note, we recorded this on Monday before the Warriors destroyed the Nuggets.

We talk a lot of Houston's woes including the return of Eric Gordon and loss of Clint Capela.

We talk about Kawhi Leonard and Donovan Mitchell earning player of the week.

We talk a bad study, I'm not linking it but it's easily Google-able if you listen to the show. The story is many bad methods of doing analytics have stuck around due to bad studies. Sigh.

We ramble about the Trump McWhitehouse "debacle." We really use it as an excuse to bash college sports.

Side note on that, Thanks to @chennyjohn for noting my anger via the Maori Davenport debacle was misdirected. I bashed the NCAA, but in this case they did the right thing. Rather, the Alabama High School Athletic Association was the b.s. athletic organization in question this time.