The Boxscore Geeks Show: "The Process" Coming soon to a Theater Near You!

Dre and Brian talk the Philadelphia 76ers and what the epilogue to a "The Process" movie would look like.



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Show Notes

First, shout out to two new podcasts I'm listening to:

  • "Best Episode Ever Podcast - Brett Rader and Carmen Angelica discuss, what they think, the best episode of various long running TV shows is.
  • the Daily Zeitgeist - Jack O'Brien and Miles Gray in the most aptly named podcast talk everything going on right now! Check it out.

Today's topic came about from the classic post-credit part of "based on a true story." We mention how despite how movies often make these positive, sometimes they're actually negative. And with that in mind, we discuss the post-credits of "The Process" story. As I noted in one of my most liked Tweets to date:

We talk about how despite the process eventually "winning" by getting two high-caliber NBA players via the draft, how the post-credit scenes have very few winners.

One of the winners is Robert Covington, who is set to get a major raise. Brian and I debate if the 76ers current MVP (as of this writing) is worth the money.

We shout out Stan Van Gundy's support of Collin Kaepernick.