The Boxscore Geeks Show: The Overhyped Kyrie Irving

NBA news is back! We talk the blockbuster NBA trade that sent Kyrie Irving to Boston for MVP candidate Isaiah Thomas. We also play another round of Rick and Morty vs. Game of Thrones.



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Show Notes

This week's game of "Game of Thrones vs. Rick and Morty" pitted:

  • Rick and Morty Season 3, Episode 5: The Whirly Dirly Conspiracy
  • Game of Thrones Season 7, Episode 6: Beyond the Wall

We have another split decision! Tune in to hear us talk about both shows.

Brian found a great Reddit thread on how long stuff would have taken in this episode.

We talk the Kyrie Irving trade. More good news, Dave Berri now writes for Forbes, and his first piece is on Kyrie Irving!

We had Kyrie Irving as our most overhyped player of the offseason before this trade. Irrational Celtics fans won't help!

The Cavs wanted Jayson Tatum. They had to settle for Jae Crowder, and a future Nets pick!

The Cavs saved $29.1 million in cap hits with this trade. Not bad!

We talk Andrew Wiggins cutting ties with his agent after getting a max deal. Patrick agrees as he says that logic was a foregone conclusion.

The Clippers get a new General Manager, Michael Winger. Not sure if getting someone from the Thunder front office is the best plan.

NBA History question - what are the best examples of a team turning a number one pick into better assets. The Cavaliers turned Andrew Wiggins into Kevin Love, ala Chris Webber for Anfernee Hardaway. Of course, they just upgraded Kyrie Irving too. Brian is a stickler and says there should be a distinction between draft day trades and future trades. Let us know in the comments!

Patrick shouts out Meathead Goldwyn at If you like cooking meat like Patrick, it's a fantastic site.