The Boxscore Geeks Show: The Nuggets Need a Guard

We talk the WNBA Finals, the Nuggets "big man problem," the new draft lottery, the new All-Star game format, and Rick and Morty.



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Show Notes

We talk the WNBA Finals and how a legacy is being made. As Dave Berri noted on Forbes, the WNBA is doing very well, age-wise, compared to the NBA.

That's also why we ran the show early. The Geeks will all be watching the WNBA Finals game five tonight!

Reminder, we have a new segment "Q&A with Professor Dave Berri.", And next week's show will be about the WNBA Finals. Leave questions in the comment for Dave!

We talk about the Denver Nuggets "big man problem," namely the idea that Faried will be traded because they have too many big men. As Andrew notes, they could have spent the $30 million they gave Paul Millsap to what they needed -- a guard -- and had cash left over.

The NBA has passed draft lottery reform, which we actually think incentivizes tanking more.

The NBA All-Star game has changed format to captains. We like it.

Also, if you wanted to hear Brian and I talk about the Rick and Morty season finale, tune in!