The Boxscore Geeks Show: The L is Silent in Montrezl Harrell

We're back to talk the Jimmy Butler trade and chess! We meant to talk about Carmelo Anthony being done in Houston but forgot in our excitement to talk about chess!



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Last Week on Lost

To JGunterBrett and jfingdling, apologies on dropping Anthony Davis' 5 by 5 for our weekly Boxscores of the Week. They are super rare, and I think in hindsight I might have placed it over James Harden's game.

tgt wins a "no prize" for noticing I had missed a copy-paste error on my weekly template!

Around the NBA

We review the Memphis Grizzlies at the team level (Basketball Reference page) and the player level ( Boxscore Geeks page)

We review the Los Angeles Clippers at the team level (Basketball Reference page) and the player level ( Boxscore Geeks page)

We note how regular season minutes have dropped for top players in the NBA. It makes the distinction between the regular season and playoff time for teams huge. (Arturo noted this many many years ago.)

We talk who is better for the Warriors, Kevin Durant or Steph Curry. We also discuss how "falling" for many of these narratives makes us "marks." In wrestling, a mark is a fan that is overly invested in a scripted story. It's origins, at least according to Al Snow, are from carnival days.

More Chess?

We talk the "controversial" end of regulation to the World Chess Championship (Oliver Roeder's coverage of this is great!)

Shout Outs

Brian shouts out @presidual on Twitter for their cool charts on team's points per shot vs. their "Morey Index".