The Boxscore Geeks Show: The Iverson/Jordan Hybrid

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This week we talk the NBA Finals; how absurd LeBron's play has been; if small ball works; and how Bron compares to MJ and Iverson. Tune in!



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We compare these Finals to a few others. Namely the 1998 Finals where MJ's shooting was a bit off. And, of course, the 2001 Finals, where Iverson's efficiency was close to LeBron's.

We talk a bit more about how Small Ball is a bad strategy. It's also a bit hard to "outcoach" Steve Kerr, who has a deep bench of strong players.

There's a bit of a silver lining for the Cavaliers. Tristan Thompson is playing quite well. Next season will be interesting with how they handle LeBron, Love, Irving, Thompson, and Mozgov.

Steph Curry is great. Patrick had a mind-blowing point. Curry is what people think Allen Iverson was. If Iverson replaced his midrange jumpers with efficient threes, well he would have been Steph Curry! Here's Curry doing an Iverson impression.

We talk a bit about Curry's "Luigi Death Stare", which seems like the only follow up to a dagger. Fun stat, Curry scored twelve of his thirty-seven points last game in the final three minutes and ten seconds of the game.

We think this series is over. Of course, we've said that before, so we'll see what we say next week.

Shout Outs

Jonathan Weiler (@jonweiler) gets a shout out for a great writeup on the NBA Finals.

Of course, LeBron James gets a shout out for his finals performance. Can he remember how to shoot before the end of the Finals?