The Boxscore Geeks Show: The Giannis Lottery



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Show Notes

NBA News

Kevin Garnett may be retiring. This would make an amazing Hall of Fame class with Tim Duncan and Kobe Bryant. (Compare their careers here.)

Giannis Antentokounmpo has signed a max deal with the Bucks. We talk why this move is good and on the other hand why it's good.

The NBA is set to exceed $8 billion in revenue next season. This is incredible growth from even a season ago. While both the MLB and NFL have bigger revenue streams, the NBA is gaining.

We discuss some moves and rumors including

  • Lance Stephenson is going to the Pelicans -- great move!
  • Jordan Farmar is going to the Kings -- meh move!
  • Tyronn Lue recruiting Allen Iverson as an assistant coach -- what are we even talking about?

Mitch McGary gets ten more games added to his drug suspension. The drug was likely Marijuana. Seems silly to me, but I'm from Colorado.

Colin Kaepernick

Patrick released a post this week about the BS argument of "inconvenient protesting."

Steve Kerr lent his support to Colin Kaepernick's protest.

Even some of Kaepernick's other critics have changed their tune slightly.

The Economist talks about why Kaepernick's protest is catching on.

Kaepernick has been dealing with death threats, which he notes, sadly, proves his point.

Mike Gundy proves he didn't get the point of the movie "A Few Good Men."

The Onion does a great job summing up the silly standard people are applying to Kaepernick.

Interesting note on the history of the National Anthem at sports games.

Bad news for people "supporting" Kaepernick by purchasing his jersey. That money just goes to the NFL and is split among the teams. Nothing new for the NFL and jerseys for a cause, sadly.

Show Notes

Brian shouts out a funny comic on Linear Regression, which helps show how geeky we are.

We shout out Jonathan Weiler and Matt Andrews' fantastic podcast "Head in the Game."

We shout out Marshawn Lynch's candy bars. Yes, for just four dollars a bar, you can get some Marshawn candy.

Shout out to this moving take on police brutality from Russell Westbrook.

Shout out to @absrudistwords and his great take on Kaepernick. H/T to Andrew Sutton for this one.