The Boxscore Geeks Show: The 76ers and Lakers and Not Playing Inexperienced Players

Should the Lakers and 76ers worry? Should the Nuggets and the Bucks start measuring for banners? And is Steph Curry separating himself from the pack? Tune in to hear what we think!



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Video Show

We talk:

The Boxscores of the Week and if Stephen Curry is the MVP!

Why the 76ers aren't living up to last season.

The Lakers' woes and should they worry yet.

Are the Nuggets for real?

Why the Bucks are playing so well.

Why we side with Jimmy Butler over the owners.

Tune in!

Also, we shout out:

The Cracked Podcast this week that discusses the Spanish-American War.

The Washington Post article about Dave Berri's WNBA writings at Forbes. We'll revisit this topic later for sure.