The Boxscore Geeks Show: Steph Curry's Missing Threes

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We talk the #NBAFinals, LeBron James' dominance, and the Warriors missing offense. It's another Boxscore Geeks Show!



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Show Notes

We talk some of the stats from the first two games of the Finals. Here are the sources we used.

BBall Breakdown did an excellent examination of LeBron's playoff performance. I helped with some research that noted that LeBron was taking lots of layups and threes, he just wasn't hitting them.

Another odd thing I noticed is LeBron's free throw rate stayed the same this season from last year. The confusing part is that his shots have increased dramatically. I hypothesized that maybe he wasn't getting foul calls. You be the judge.

Web Etiquette PSA

I talk a bit about general etiquette to consider on the internet. Not really that interested in a comment debate, just something to consider as you cruise the internet superhighway.

Shout Outs

First Shawn Furyan and Andrew Sutton both get shout outs for their amazing debates in the comment sections about, of all things, shoes!

Mad Max: Fury Road gets a shout out. It's a great flick.

Moses Malone gets a shout out. In my research of previous playoff upsets, Moses name came up a few times. He was unceremoniously traded far too many times for a three-time MVP.