The Boxscore Geeks Show: Steak Sauce

We're back to discuss Melo in OKC, Wade in Cleveland, and Trump's decades-long beef with the NFL.



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Show Notes

Melo is heading to the Thunder!

Also, for Melo fans, mad props to Jacob Goldstein for this gem:

Check out the Comparison Engine for how Melo is a major downgrade from Enes Kanter.

We talk Dwyane Wade to the Cavs. He could be an interesting stop gap until Isaiah Thomas gets back.

We talk about Trump's feud with the NFL ... from the USFL days. Jeff Pearlman is writing a new book on the USFL and notes some of Trump's issues.

Mad props to Shannon Sharpe for some great rants on this subject. (link to rant 1), (link to rant 2)

Shout out to Popovich for talking about issues with racism.

That said, Patrick notes a good Kevin Arnovitz article about why Pop shouldn't be president.

Finally, we have a new segment with Dave Berri called -- Q&A with Professor Dave Berri. We talk his weekly column in Forbes and can answer any questions. So if you have questions on Dave's most recent post -- NBA Losing Money? Fans Shouldn't Worry, leave them in the comments below and we may answer them next week!