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If you haven't heard enough, we chime in!

Patrick talks about Patriotism "signaling." I compare it to an episode Adam Ruins Everything about the TSA and a concept called "Security Theater."

Relevant ESPN article from 2011 on the history of playing the Star Spangled Banner at sporting events.

Brian, our producer, did a ton of research for this show. Here are all the relevant links.

Bomani Jones peace in the Undefeated.

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar's take on Kaepernick's patriotism.

Jason Johnson on the racist history of the National Anthem.

Jason Johnson on the possible impact on Kaepernick's career.

Marcus Thompson on his sister supporting veterans and how people ignore this instead of standing for the anthem.

Phil Taylor on why it's a bit odd to try and tell Kaepernick why he shouldn't be doing anything.

Matt Maiocco on people blaming Kaepernick's girlfriend over his activism.

Some odd hypocrisy came out from:

Reminder, Milwaukee Bucks player John Henson had a jewelry store lock up and call the cops on him just for driving up.

Fantastic video on the impact of race on social mobility.

Excellent tweet on the hypocrisy of Trump's message versus Kaepernick's statement.

Great chart comparing what Trump, the Republican nominee, is saying and what Kaepernick has been saying.

Will Kaepernick be blackballed from ever getting another job? We'll find out in a few seasons.

Some positive feedback, #VeteransForKaepernick was trending

Jason Whitlock was ignored trying to lecture Kaepernick at a presser.

Kaepernick's jersey sales have gone up*

Jersey Sales and Economics

Slight tangent - economist Rodney Fort notes that jersey sales are divvied up evenly among teams. This means the popularity of individual players matters even less than we usually believe.

Teams with Range

We discuss a few teams that have a huge range this upcoming season. Tune in for our thoughts on:

  • The Chicago Bulls
  • The Philadelphia 76ers
  • The Denver Nuggets
  • The San Antonio Spurs