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We give Boston credit for building the right way, unlike the 76ers and Lakers. Speaking of those teams, what's going on with the Jerry Colangelo hiring and Byron Scott's continued strange decisions? Finally, will Nike get good value from the lifetime Lebron shoe deal?



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We talk about how the Celtics are in great shape. It turns out there have been lots of players, contracts, and trades. Here are some useful references:

Also, wow, did the Celtics ever win the Rondo trade?

To reiterate, the Celtics have stockpiled draft picks but have also gotten talent via trade and free agency. You know, what we think the 76ers should have tried to do for the last three seasons.

The 76ers management may have a shakeup coming. We're discussing Colangelo joining the 76ers management relatively early into this story. Needless to say, we don't think it looks good for Hinkie, regardless of how it's spun.

We talk about some of the hilarious Kobe Bryant articles over at Deadspin. It's not hard to find comparisons between the 76ers and Lakers.

We talk LeBron's lifetime shoe deal with Nike. Dave Berri gave a great interview with Bloomberg radio on this very subject. We think it's a savvy move by Bron, and an iffy move by Nike. Analytics wise we believe Bron is like Mike (or better!) but I don't think his legacy will be the same.

Shout Outs

Brian shouts out Andre Iguodala, who is quietly having an incredible season.

I shout out Seth Burn (@sethburn for a great article on the 76ers.

Mad shout outs to both Elizabeth Simins and Mega Ran for this.