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We talk DeMarcus Cousins' "stardom", the Superbowl, and if the Hawks are for real.



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Show Notes

DeMarcus Cousins' Stardom

I wrote up my thoughts on why we don't think DeMarcus Cousins' is an All-Star. Patrick lets me elaborate and rant quite a bit on it.

While this post got very little attention on Friday, on Saturday, oddly, it gained some traction:

If you're playing Boxscore Geeks' Bingo, mark "defense" off the list. We've talked this a lot.

A player performing poorly on a bad team can be defended because they're "carrying the team." But good players on bad teams are called "stat stuffers." We just can't win!

I rant a little about bad stats, being stubborn, and why basketball values are set, but not by us.

Reminder, the year before Kevin Garnett won defensive player of the year on one of the best defensive teams ever, he was on a bottom ten defense in Minnesota.

Dude, should LeBron just have stayed to play next to Hassan Whiteside?

At around 19:00 I mistakenly call Dennis Rodman, DeMarcus Cousins. Please forgive me.

Let's see how many people I can tick off by comparing defensive stats to things like theology in sports and anti-vaccinations! (Right around the 20:00 mark)

Superbowl Blues - around 25:00

Patrick points out how hard it is to take a moral stand against the NFL when a) you can't change anything and b) there's a tremendous social pressure to watch the games.

In the NBA teams get about a hundred, possession a game. In the NFL, they get around eight to twelve! So stupid decisions have a much bigger impact.

There's a topic Patrick could have passed on, but he chose to run through it anyway.

Ok, Pete Carroll didn't make the worst decision ever.

Justin Wolfers has a game theory piece on the Seahawks decision to pass. I have a different take on the game theory scenario.

We compare the idea of running a play in football with running a play in basketball. It turns out the previous play doesn't magically change the effectiveness of the next play (barring things like fast breaks.)

Are the Atlanta Hawks for real?

We start this around 38:00

To start, any team that's a favorite to win the NBA title is still unlikely to take home the prize. The Lakers with an injured Shaq and the Rockets with a midseason trade for Clyde are the only real examples of low-ranked seeds winning it all.

Experience helps teams in the playoffs. Do the Hawks have enough experience to hold their own against more seasoned teams?

Also, in the playoffs teams shorten their bench. Part of the Hawks strength is depth. While they have some stars, it's possible the rest of the East's starters can compete with the Hawks.

Coaching may matter in the playoffs. Is the Spurs pedigree enough for the Hawks?

Can Thabo Sefolosha come back in time to be effective? He's been a force off the bench.

How Kyle Korver sets picks, courtesy of BBall Breakdown.

An "unconventional strategy" that Atlanta has is shooting lots of threes. Of course, Golden State can match that and then some.

"The things that make Kevin Love good are how good he is with the ball in the offense." Patrick's statement should have been the entirety of the Cavs scouting report of Kevin Love.

Shout Outs

Patrick shouts out the amazing Advanced NFL Stats and Brian Burke. Truly one of the MVPs of the NFL season.

Patrick also shouts out Jonathan Weiler of the ESPN Watch for his great take on Marshawn Lynch.

Haralabos Voulgaris gets my shout out. Despite disagreeing with me about DeMarcus Cousins, he gained me many new followers.

Francesco gets a shout out. I've enjoyed the comments. I will say that comments discussing comments being blocked are among the most likely to be blocked.

AWilliams87 also had some good comments. Thanks!