The Boxscore Geeks Show: Pokemon Go

We talk Pokemon Go, NBA Free Agency, and more!



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Show Notes

Pokemon Go

On a show chock full of allusions and tangents we start out strong. Brian references "Team Discovery Channel" as a possible Pokemon Team (Team Valor here!) He was referencing a Simpsons' Episode. I thought it might be a Lance Armstrong reference.

Patrick was actually out of the country when Pokemon Go, making him one of the few people with a legitimate excuse.

Patrick references Layers, another example of augmented reality, which let people put layers on Google Maps.

Pokemon Go is actually based on Ingress, and actually shows the power of a good hook for a killer app.

We talk about Pokemon Go from the perspective of software developers, in part because that's what we are! A slight departure from our normal schtick, but there you go!

Patrick went to school at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire. One of its claims to fame was dominating the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics Division under the fantastic coach Ken Anderson.

Appleton has the auspicious honor of being named the drunkest city in Wisconsin, which is the drunkest state in the US. Of course, since this is survey data, I just argue Wisconsin drinkers are more honest than others. Regardless, Pokemon Go may have turned downtown Appleton into Pokemon haven over a drinking place real quick, in large part thanks to free charging stations in Houdini Square.

A lot of Pokemon Go stories have made the news about people getting into trouble playing. It's possible this is just a sampling error as it's unlikely for news organizations to report such accidents without a hook.

A must follow is Christopher Long. He's a great scientist who tweets about stats and sports, but he's also a fantastic Pokemon Go expert.

Patrick mentions he's been off Pokemon Go because he's been catching up on Starcraft 2!

We talk a little about the Championship Series held in Las Vegas.

I've been using Twitch for streaming some of my Super Mario Maker playing. Here's me beating a tough level called "Cannibal Yoshi."

We talk about hard games in general, which leads to this week's poll.

NBA Free Agency

We discuss Miles Plumless to the Bucks for four years and $52 million. He's actually been a productive player but has been limited in minutes. He's also, so far, the worse Plumlee.

Kris Dunn may be a great player eventually for the Wolves, but there's no reason to get rid of Rubio until that actually happens, which the Wolves may agree with.

It seems Tom Thibodeau isn't as enamored with Andrew Wiggins or Zach Lavine, which may be key for the Timberwolves future. It may be good to be a new GM to avoid the Sunk Cost Fallacy.

We use Brian's light years/crying Jordans scale to grade these trades. Tune in for a long discussion explaining this scale and what we thought about Miles Plumlee to the Bucks and Mike Miller to the Nuggets deals.

This offseason has been great for NBA mediocre players. Does that mean a lockout is coming? We have some thoughts on this.

Michele Roberts seems like a much more competent head of the NBAPA than Billy Hunter.

Odds and Ends

We briefly talk about former WWE talent's lawsuit against the WWE for concussions.

We talk the NBA's change to the "Hack-a-Shaq rules." Patrick says if the NBA cares they should just go to international rules.

Patrick notes that NBA owners should make rule changes based on the quality of the product not if they think it will help them win. History says they don't do this, sadly.

We talk the Warriors' price point for their jersey ads and if it's worth it.

We talk about how Cristiano Ronaldo's abs were photoshopped to look flabbier. Hilarious!

Shout Outs

Patrick shouts out Vice Sports and describes them as "what ESPN could be."

As mentioned, I shout out Christoper Long (octonion), serious, follow him!

Brian shouts out Evo 2016, see above.

Brian shouts out Steph Curry and Klay Thompson for their Kids' Choice Awards showing.