The Boxscore Geeks Show: Nikola Jokic and the Boxscore of the Week

Another week, another show. With a week of the NBA under wraps, we talk fights, top boxscores, and how advanced stats look wonky right now.



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Video Show

We talk:

The Raptors hot start and the folly of advanced stats this early in the season. We also talk about the Raptors' foolish "hype" video. (You can check it out here.)

We talk the Lakers/Rockets fight, the whys (great video at BBall Breakdown on that here), the implication, etc. We also talk how NBA fans are really like professional wrestling fans (awesome Cracked video on that here).

We talk why Nikola Jokic has had the best game of the year, and why the Nuggets are the new contenders!

We talk about if you should be worried about the Warriors and Rockets.

Finally, we discuss our regular segment - the top boxscores of the week. We recorded this before I posted it, so there were spoilers, BUT we posted the podcast after that post, so not really! Tune in!