The Boxscore Geeks Show: Nap Time

Kevin Durant's Twitter, the NBA is losing money, and the Nuggets sign another good big, tune in!



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Show Notes

We highly recommend Aziz Ansari's great show "Master of None," which does periodically bring up the Knicks and Kristaps Porzingis.

We talk Paul Millsap and why some metrics may like him just because he's on a good team. As an example, Emeka Okafor's 2007/2008 seasons look virtually identical (per-minute) on the box score, but his Win Shares per 48 change dramatically

We like Mason Plumlee, The Nuggets, though, really need a back court.

Incidentally, the Kroenke Sports and Entertainment group is hiring for a Sports Analyst, so if you want to help out the Nuggets ...

Kevin Durant accidentally tweeted to a fan from the "wrong" account ... himself! Apparently, "KD has a shadow account to argue with haters. We talk this, and how Kevin Durant isn't actually wrong in his arguments.

Some NBA teams are "losing money." We talk how this argument on its own is already silly, and how the way the NBA is structured makes it even more ridiculous. Also, saying your team, an asset, is losing money if it appreciates in value, is, well, something. Also, the throwback to Malcolm Gladwell's point that owning an NBA team is akin to owning a piece of art. It gives the owner pleasure, and it's silly to treat it as an investment.

Final note, taking the accounting of things like movies or sports teams at face value can be interesting. For instance, Return of the Jedi, "the seventh-highest inflation-adjusted movie grosser in history allegedly hadn't turned a profit as of 2009!