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The Boxscore Geeks Show: MVPs and Power Rankings

The Boxscore Geeks Show returns! Much has changed in the land of small sample sizes! We return to discuss MVP candidates, the now famous Power Rankings, and of course talk a little more tanking!

MVP Candidates

Before the show, Arturo and I divvied up three MVP "candidates" we wanted to talk about:

  1. Kevin Love (Arturo)
  2. Andre Iguodala (Dre)
  3. Tony Parker (Arturo) - Arturo had obvious reasons to pick this name...
  4. Chris Paul (Dre)
  5. Kevin Durant (Arturo)
  6. Paul George (Dre)

This list is by no means comprehensive. Here's a comparison of all the players we talked. Any names you're bummed we left out?

Power Rankings

Arturo's Power Rankings generate the most buzz among the Geeks behind the scene. Of course we were gonna talk about them. Much like our MVP candidates, Arturo and I decided teams that intrigued us the most:

  1. Denver Nuggets (Dre)
  2. Washington Wizards (Arturo)
  3. Houston Rockets (Dre)
  4. New York Knicks (Dre)

Sadly, the Blazers and Bulls hit the cutting room floor. Any teams you wished we'd talked more about?

Tanking and Hacking

We enjoy talking unconventional wisdom here at Boxscore Geeks. I talked about tanking and how the Spurs don't count. Arturo and I elaborated our definition of tanking and when teams shouldn't do it.

Devin brought up "Hack-a-Dwight" and why it's typically a bad strategy. And this is a subject we love talking around here. Arturo's interest is peaked though, so he will be looking into what the numbers need to be to ever make this a wise move.

What's Next?

We love doing these shows and can't thank Brian enough for his help. If you want us to talk specific topics or possibly answer your questions on the air, you can:

See you next time!